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Streaming Diary – Week 8

I started my adventure in streaming and social media about two months ago, and to say I have learned a lot is an understatement. Mostly I have learned what a great community of people exist at Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Part of my motivation for doing this was to make new friends to play games…

How to Embed A YouTube Uploads Playlist

Playlist Share

I was updating the front page of my blog with some widgets when I discovered that YouTube does not readily give you an embed action for the Upload or Popular uploads playlists. It only seems to have that options for your created playlists. As you can see below there is no listing for Uploads. The List…

Battlefield Hardline Beta First Impressions


TLDR; I finally got my hands on Battlefield Hardline, and although very fun, it is more run of the mill Battlefield and less Payday 2: The Heist. I love, love, love, love, love Payday 2. The COOP action is great and there are always new glitches and wrinkles when playing the same levels over and…

H1Z1 Post 1/30 Update Impressions


Game Update Notes are Here H1Z1 was recently updated on 1/30/2015 and the changes are most welcome. For me the most important change relates to the loot tables. Previously the game was an exercise in making sure that all of the drawers in every house were, in fact, empty! There was little to do, so…

Dying Light – First Impressions


  TLDR; Dying Light came out yesterday after much anticipation and I was not disappointed. After making it through the first few missions I can report that the game is very fun and looks great with a good story to boot. PROs Great Graphics Immersive Environment Parkour is very Fluid Story is engaging CONs Game…

Make a Custom Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos Using Photoshop CC : Building a Photoshop Template

Sample Custom Thumbnail

In the previous article I discussed the general requirements to start making a custom thumbnail for a YouTube video. In this article I will cover the building of a template in Photoshop that will allow you to keep a consistent look and feel throughout the various thumbnails that you create. Make a Sub Folder in Your Pictures…

Make a Custom Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos Using Photoshop CC : Getting Started


  Custom Thumbnails Are Much Better Looking When all of your videos are mashed up on a page they quickly run together. You can see below that the videos with custom titled thumbnails are a lot more visible and compelling. When these show up in other media like Twitter or a search result on a…

Is Twitter Addictive or Who?


Twitter Journey Begins I just started my journey with Twitter the other day after having started the account in 2011. One of the reasons I resisted was the potential for obsessive thinking and over participation. I can report that my fears were well founded and I am already making sure I consciously leave it alone…

Streaming Diary 1/19/2015


I just started streaming my gameplay over the weekend on Twitch. The family was out of town and it was just enough time to get everything set up and linked together. I will do a future blog post on how I got started with what accounts, etc.; but for now things are set up and…

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