H1Z1 Post 1/30 Update Impressions

Game Update Notes are Here

H1Z1 was recently updated on 1/30/2015 and the changes are most welcome. For me the most important change relates to the loot tables. Previously the game was an exercise in making sure that all of the drawers in every house were, in fact, empty! There was little to do, so that caused those with loot and/or loot crates to seek out everyone else and just plain murder them. I think there still is an issue with Free to Play (F2P) regarding the loot crates and the premium version of Steam Early Access. There are also still duplication issues; so a player with more powerful stuff will still have the opportunity to dominate fresh spawns. The game is now orders of magnitude more fun! Hopefully there is more to come like : 1) Ways to affiliate with other players 2) Ways to claim ground 3) More compelling things to do besides survive and 4) Zombies that make a difference in the game.

I definitely found more stuff

I made some friends

We Gathered Stuff

I helped build a base

I Added More On to the Base

I Was Able to Defend Myself

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