Is Twitter Addictive or Who?


Twitter Journey Begins

I just started my journey with Twitter the other day after having started the account in 2011. One of the reasons I resisted was the potential for obsessive thinking and over participation. I can report that my fears were well founded and I am already making sure I consciously leave it alone so I don’t over do it. It is akin to being a shut in who gets to a party and talks everyone to death because of the pent up exuberance.

Gaining Followers but Not Bothering People
I want followers so that my messages and videos get seen, but I don’t necessarily need mutual followers who fill my timeline with 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) or Harry Styles content. I also don’t want to have an account that looks like it is just churning followers, because my goal is to drive traffic to my Twitch Channel for live streams and to my YouTube Channel. I am suspecting that it will be a slow process to curate like minded active followers.

Producing Content
My end goal right now is 200 Twitch.TV followers because my main activity is playing games. I play a few hours a day on the PC and XBox One, so I might as well feed the engine. Twitter is a means to communicate what I am doing to a real time audience. I have all of these accounts linked and branded with my Constant_Corpse handle which I have had for 6 or 7 years. But that is not the only content that I have available for my followers. I will be providing:

  • Twitch Streams from the games I am playing
  • Although slightly weird looking I add hash tags to the title which I later remove
  • A tweet automatically goes out when I start my Stream via XSplit Gamecaster
  • Twitch Highlights (less than 2 minutes) from interesting moments in the games
  • I make these quickly after my gaming session
    • I tweet out each one after creation
    • Remove hastags
  • YouTube videos are published on demand from Twitch
    • A Tweet automatically goes out when I upload a video
    • Remove hashtags
  • YouTube likes
    • This provides a mention and a like and starts a relationship with another YouTuber
  • Blog Articles
    • I blog about my experiences above as well as opinions on gaming and technology
  • Comments on web articles
  • Opinions on gaming and technology
  • Messages
  • Direct messages to other users builds relationships and gets favorites and re tweets.

If done correctly the process is rather efficient and starts from playing a game, so how bad can it be?

Play game -> Make Highlight -> Export to YouTube -> Promote -> Discuss ->Write about all of it ->Tweet

Navigating the companion apps
Twiends – A reciprocal follower getter based on tokens. It seems you can pick a better set of folks to follow.
Wefollow – Meta Directory for people to find you
Unfollowers – Allows you to manage people who unfollow you or who don’t follow back. Premium is a few bucks for a few bucks a month.
All of the various follower gainers – These seem a little scammy and too quick to be true.

I am not an expert and hardly know what I am doing, but I will keep at it and let you know about all my failures and successes. So far I have 420 Twitter Followers, 8 YouTube Subscribers, and 12 Twitch.TV followers. My current goal is 200 Twitch.TV followers.
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