Streaming Diary 1/19/2015

I just started streaming my gameplay over the weekend on Twitch. The family was out of town and it was just enough time to get everything set up and linked together. I will do a future blog post on how I got started with what accounts, etc.; but for now things are set up and I have had a few streams which yielded a few highlights which I could send up to YouTube. There have not been any viewers , though, up until last night.

I thought I would give everyone a laugh and stream my XBOX Fitness session since I have slacked off on working out over the last few months. I spun up MOSSA Fight and said “XBOX Broadcast” and the Twitch App started up immediately. I clicked Broadcast and Twitch auto Tweeted the title : Cardio Kills – Mossa Fight. I started the workout and saw I had 9 (NINE) viewers; but the preview was showing the pause screen. It turns out that XBOX Fitness is not stream-able due to the nature of the game. It is really a workout DVD that people can watch for free if it were broadcast over Twitch. I finished my workout and then streamed some Forza 2 Horizon just to test the Xbox Streaming. I ended up deleting that stream, however, because at the end I had to yell at my kids for a minute due to lack of listening on their part.

Later, I was streaming H1Z1 for about an hour before bed; and when I finished I was decidedly bored. I figured I would play some State of Decay for a little excitement and also to see how a Zombie game got it right. State of Decay has so much to do and the Zombies are dangerous. I was only going to play a little while, but I had 4 viewers watching and I didn’t want to disappoint. Well I was up until 2am and now I am the Zombie at work today 🙁


A cool door smash!

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