Streaming Diary – Week 8

I started my adventure in streaming and social media about two months ago, and to say I have learned a lot is an understatement. Mostly I have learned what a great community of people exist at Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Part of my motivation for doing this was to make new friends to play games with, and I have definitely accomplished that. I have also had the opportunity to pay things forward and help others out as they have started their own journey. There are so many new people entering this space and it is exciting to see everyone’s differing personas and messaging. I started out with 0 people following me anywhere. I have made progress, my main goal being 500 Twitch Followers. It may have been 250 in the past, but let’s just call it 500. Not being a gorgeous young female gamer this may take me 100 years. Two very talented, smart young ladies started doing this around the same time and have 3137 followers! They must have millions of friends in RL because they are very friendly and approachable and definitely know how to market themselves properly. In a few months I predict they will dominate Twitter and Twitch. I have broken down the current status by social media and have listed a few thoughts below :

Twitch Followers – 62

I have gained a regular viewer and gaming buddy from New Zealand. I stream regularly and engage my audience when I have a person watching. I have also spent a lot of time in the last week trying out different streaming packages. I had been using Xsplit Gamecaster because it was so easy to use.

It was also easy to make a big mistake that affected like 50 streams and subsequent YouTube video. I am using an Nvidia GTX 880M video card with Shadowplay capabilities. This means I can stream right from the card using the NVENC encoder. The only problem is that I set it to 60 fps, because 60fps! Since I would need 13Mbps to throw down a 1080p60 stream, Gamecaster and Twitch did their best to figure it out. I had noticed that my stream was now just acceptable and that the key frame interval (not changeable in Gamecaster) was 3 instead of 2. I also noticed a lot of blockiness in my videos. I tried out Broadcaster and just set the bandwidth to 3500 and the key interval to 2. The difference in video quality was amazing.

My next step was to fix my audio. I didn’t even realize that my mic was being drowned out by the game until a viewer (@sneakysn3aky) helped me adjust my mic and game settings so that he could here me. Previous to that I sounded like a mouse in a hurricane to my viewers. It is a good idea to fully examine your playthrough videos for evidence of things like these. If your stream and audio are not good then people will not hang around to watch you. I have not been streaming in the last week, so I cannot say if that affects viewership positively or not.

I also added custom panels and offline screen to my Twitch channel. Hopefully this shows people I am putting effort in to this. I am also working on a custom overlay for Broadcaster or OBS for a few different games. That is pretty involved, but I am at the stage of gathering other examples to get ideas.

Twitch Offline Vote About Me Schedule Social Specs


I have also decided to start playing CS:GO since it has such a following and is really an E-Sport. It provides shorter and more interesting videos than just Dying Light walk throughs. There are a lot of weird characters around and some strange game modes like CS:GO Survivor. In the following video I meet a sultry voiced player who turns out to be very friendly :

Overall I am having a great time, and I am encouraged by the folks who have come to watch me. Generally it is nobody, but I hope to build on my channel improvements and overall streaming quality. I am also getting better at CS:GO.



Twitter Followers – 2601

Twitter is my main promotion tool. I am thinking of trying out TUMBLR, but I am not sure how that would work. I didn’t really understand how Twitter worked before I jumped in, so I may just do that with TUMBLR. I have been trying to build relationships and swap follows with other streamers. The follow trains have definitely helped me gain followers. Most of my followers are probably not that interested in gaming, per se; but I am trying to build on my churn with actual relationships. I generally send out Tweets in the morning that ask a direct question of my followers regarding whatever tech article I am reading. I have gotten a few responses and started great conversations so I am going to keep that up. I am also promoting my videos and streams there as well while being careful not to spam everyone. I have gotten generally good responses from my Tweets and have met a lot of very interesting folks. Except for YouTube tweets I try to attach a quirky zombie pic to get people’s attention.

gaynicorn Marcy-happy-zombie-1024x768 staring baby demonbaby

I promote, but try not to spam. Two or three times a day I will send about 5 or 6 tweets to promote videos,, or Twitch. I think I get good responses as I hand type them and switch up the verbiage.

Facebook Likes – 23

Not quite sure what to do with Facebook at the moment or how to promote my page ( ot to get new friends. Perhaps I am avoiding it because my high school friends and family are all connected to me and I don’t want to go full gamer in that forum.

YouTube Subscribers – 133

YouTube Views – 3802

Just Joined Freedom MCN Gaming. Interested to see how they promote me. I need to have a quality channel first and foremost. I am not sure what the exact benefit is at the moment as I have not been with them long enough but we will see. I wioll continue to load lots of videos and make custom thumbnails. I have tried once to swap playlists, but the other party did not reciprocate. I will Tweet out a request to see if anyone takes me up on it again. I have also started adding calls to action (CTA) by using annotations in my videos. If I get more traffic like the video below (which I will also add annotations to) maybe it will make a difference. I also tried a YouTube follow train from @FollowTrainsG, but I am not sure if it is working as intended. When the Follow Train is announced people are supposed to ask for a sub in the comments and then go and sub everyone else who said sub me. Since the comments are automatically sorted by the ones with the most responses, the newest ones get overlooked and the same people get all the follows.

Most popular video has 1,000 views due to being what people want to see and are searching for.

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